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The New Apple Watch:

It is already known that the watch will have a feature called Quick View, which collects the most important information from the applications. Another feature is that you can follow in real time prices for the shares they are most interested in.

Activity bracelet
If the user sits still for too long gives the watch emits a light touch to remind you to move. “If you are not moving in an hour it reminds you.” On back cover are four sensors that can measure the user’s heart rate.

Apple Pay
Apple Watch will be integrated with Apple’s new payment system, Apple Pay. It will be very easy to pay through the watch.

Battery life
According to the site TechCrunch, which is filled with rumors before the presentation, the battery life last the entire day. At a frequent use, the battery can however run out after only five hours. As the battery power drops below 10 percent most of the Apple Watch functions stops automatically.

The interface
Apple has developed a completely new interface for the watch, the touch screen can be controlled by gestures and taps. Added to this is a small wheel on the side of the clock that can be used to scroll the menu.

Apple Hybrid

Apple’s new venture is a combined Mac OS / iOS system that turns ordinary Iphones and Ipads for hybrid computers.

Apple releases a HYBRID!
Does not prevent speculation
But analysts have seen two possible bright spots in their crystalball . One is an Iphone with a 5 inch screen and the other is a new platform that “JP Morgan calls” “iAnywhere”
The former explains itself and is really nothing particularly eyebrow raising . The second is more interesting. The analysts write :
The idea is not new, but our global research team believe that Apple may be about to introduce a new product category with ” iAnywhere ” – a converged Mac OS / iOS operating system that allows an iPhone or iPad docked to a screen can act as an adequate computer.
It’s not the first time rumored a unified operating system. However, Apple itself dismissed the idea and said that they see no gain in a hybrid solution . This does not prevent analysts’ speculation.

Introduced in about 12 to 18 months
” As we see it, this category would be a trampoline to jump-start sales of the iPhone / iPad as well as other peripheral devices and cloud-based services ,” wrote JP Morgan analyst .
Furthermore , you write that the new hybrid system can be introduced anywhere in 12 to 18 months.
Other manufacturers have already different docking solutions for mobile devices become more computer-like . But JP Morgan therefore believe that Apple will take it one step further and introduce some form of dual system . And that the ” boot ” operating system , depending on how it’s used .

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