iPhone 5S – Soon To Be Released?

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Iphone 5 customers has barely had time to open the boxes of the new iPhone 5 until the first pictures of the iPhone 5S started to appear online. The iPhone 5S smartphone is expected to launch in 2013 and will be cheaper to produce and improve the performance of iphone 5.

Even though the iPhone 5 are expected to be sold in 45 million copies just in the last quarter, according to a new report. But in order not to lose momentum and shopping customers Apple is already working on the replacement iPhone 5S.

The French site nowehereelse.fr who come across the pictures, which you can see here. From these pictures it is possible to deduce that Apple intends to rebuild the phone, at least on the inside.

Could be a “pre-model”..
The pictures on the French technology site shows only the back of the phone, with some changes in the structure inside, but few differences outside. The phone is rumored to be one of the 50,000 pre-model that Apple is said to have ordered to test drive the manufacturing process.

On the outside, the updated iPhone 5S does not differ significantly from the current iPhone 5 – rather it would be as the iPhone 4/4S change. On nowehereelse.fr’s images neither serial number or model number are shown, which further suggests that this is a pre-model of the next generation iPhone, the seventh in the order.

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